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custom trolley

Looking for a customised solution for your application.  Need a strong and flexible setup so you can add and modify over the years to suit your products and operators? Find out more below.

Europallet trolley

For ergonomic loading of half and full euro pallets we were asked to supply a europallet trolley which allows a person to handle items on a pallet at a suitable working height rather than on the floor.

Using a combination of our high strength, rigid and versatile aluminium profile system together with our cost effective pipe and joint system we were able to supply europallet trolleys to meet the requirements.

If you’re looking for a solutions to help with the ergonomic needs of your team, get in touch with us and see how we can help!

Key features

  • Dimensions: 940mm wide, 1270mm long, 800mm high (to pallet loading point).

  • Load capacity: 200kg.

  • Special requirement:

    • Sized to fit both full and half euro pallets.

    • Frame to prevent pallet sliding off sides.

    • Push handle clear of pallet for operator.

    • Base shelf under pallet for storage of small items.

Pricing FROM


Technical drawing

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