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technical: Connectors

Our MayTec connection technology stands out for its cutting-edge method of combining profiles. As a result, connections that are reliable and adaptable are created, providing you confidence in the strength and adaptability of your designs.

See below for a in-depth look at each connector type below:

connection system options and types

Feature List:

  •  Connections however your need them to be
  •  Vibration proof (proven)
  •  Available for most profile sizes
  •  Allows easy adjustment 
  •  High strength and precise

Basic connector types

more detailed information on each connector below:

universal connectors

- our main connection type

Our system of being able to join profiles and allow them to be strongly connected and still have the flexibility to move is what truly makes our profile system unique. The universal connector is our primary way of doing this. 

standard connectors

- add or remove a profile to an existing frame

Depending on your needs, we can supply profiles that are able to be removed entirely without having to disassemble the item that they are attached to. With our standard connectors you can fit the profile, rotate it 90° and then remove it. By the same token, you can also add profiles if you’ve found that you need to strengthen or modify the item. It’s simple and one of our go-to items covering most situations where this kind of connection is required. 

mitre-hinged connectors

-creating external or internal connection points

If you’re mounting items in the 90° location and still want that neat and clean mitred joint, these are the connectors to use. We can place the fastening locations on the outside or the inside of the joint leaving you with a great finish that still works for your project. 

Extension connectors

-extend profiles end on end

We’re often asked about being able to extend on the 6m standard length that our profiles come in. The answer is a simple one and it works well. With an extension connector we machine as per any other connector, but once joined you now have a seamless joint that is stronger at its connection than the profile itself! 

Extension connectors

-between different sized profiles

As with the typical extension connector, you end up with all the benefits of joining profiles however if you need to change the types of profile you’re joining, it’s also not a problem. We can just about join any profile to another. 

mitre-hinged connectors

- create a seamless joint through a corner

One of the great finishes easily achievable with the MayTec system is to create mitred corners. Typically used on items such as doors, or where a neat and clean finish is required, we use these connectors. Available in all sizes of the profiles, it means however your project is designed, you can add another dimension to the final design with these connectors. 

ESD connectors

-for potential equalisation connection points

Rather than this being a stand-alone connector, our ESD connectors are available in a range of sizes and types. This means that if your project needs to be compliant, we have you covered. They work by piercing the anodising of the profile and allowing the electrical charge to move through the frame. From the frame there are a handful of ways of getting it out to your earthing point and your product is then safe. 

oblique connectors

-providing a variable angle joint

Whether it’s an angled brace or you just need for your project to have profiles mounted between 0° and 45°. Being able to maintain the option of sliding the connector to the right location means that your project looks and performs exactly how you expected it to. 

oblique connectors

-variable angle joint (over or under)

Depending on how your project is configured, we can provide you with an ‘over or under’ variable joint. This kind of connection is usually fitted where access is required from the one specific direction. Like our other connectors it allows for adjustability without additional machining, holes or damage to the profile. 

oblique connectors (adjacent)

-cross connection

Being able to create a joint at 90° from one slot to another is a great feature to have in any kind of connection system. Adding the ability to do this with an additional variable angle means that some unique frame designs can be explored. This kind of connection is a little more tricky to complete properly so if you’re looking to use it make sure you let us know and we can resolve any issues that may arise – before they happen. 

parallel connectors

-side by side connections

Using a parallel connector allows for a handy solution to a common requirement. Adding a parallel connection means that you can have an item such as a shelf attached to a profile and for it to maintain the flexibility of adjustment without sacrificing strength. There are a variety of ways that this can be done so almost any profile in any orientation can be mounted to another in this manner. 

screw-type connectors

-for more specialised connections

While not as commonly used in our range, we can provide a range of screw type connectors. These might be used where you need to connect through to plates, require a section to be removed or simply need a different kind of flexibility to your connection. We can help you make the right selection on these, just let us know what you need. 

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