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In any year we’ll help individuals with a wide array of varied and interesting projects. If you’ve got an idea of what you’d like to do with our profiles, have a look below and if it isn’t there – don’t worry – we’ve probably made ‘that’ or something close to it! 

Display & Exhibition

MayTec’s extensive range of profile is the perfect raw material to build any type of quality display and exhibition stand. Choose from over 250 profiles in a variety of sizes and finishes and complement them with a large range of accessories to configure a strong, versatile exhibition stand that meets the demands of today’s discerning exhibitor.
With the huge range of profile to choose from, as well as the combination of connectors, strong and clean lines for display, demonstration and exhibition work can be produced. The ease of connections and flexibility of the system we believe is unmatched in the industry.

Using MayTec profile means that your stand is modular and can easily be reconfigured as display requirements change or the exhibition space is modified. MayTec profile makes it easy for you to achieve an updated or contemporary look as requested without the need to completely rebuild the stand. MayTec’s range of accessories makes it easy and fast to mount new artwork and products to a frame in any desired position and can also be changed quickly to suit your changing requirements.

From display stands to plinths, storage to full structures, stand out from the crowd with a MayTec exhibit.

Don’t get stuck with the same shell scheme as your neighbours or overpriced hire charges for poorly built, stock standard displays. Let our team help you create a show stopping exhibit that is simple to assemble and flexible to grow with your display needs.

Using our in house designed connectors and aluminium profile system to create the frame of your display or exhibition stand, we can produce a variety of combinations that allow for it to be suited to your application.
We can accommodate for a wide variety of panels, spans and loads as well as flexibility in being able to fit any mountings, signage or storage you may want.

SimRig - angle view


MayTec’s extensive range of profile is the perfect solution for simulators, plus being able to use the software means you can design it yourself, see all the costing, and if or when you get stuck, we can always assist in what you’re trying achieve. 

Clean connections, free of bolts, plates and other hardware that detract from the final product you have in mind are all part of what makes the MayTec profile stand out from the crowd. 


whiteboards and mobile whiteboards

MayTec’s extensive range of products is perfect for whiteboards, and if you like them magnetic, spinning and on castors – get in touch with us as we can provide you with customised solution to your requirements. 

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