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Enclosures and Screens

About our screens and enclosures

We’ve created enclosures and screens for a variety of industries and an even wider array of applications. Some of the industries we have serviced are science & research, medical, packaging and defence.

From basic boxes to intricate surrounds to machinery we have assisted businesses large and small in being able to provide safety, security or an environment to contain spillage of raw material. Whatever your application, we’re sure to be able to assist!

We create enclosures to your specifications

machine and equipment enclosures

We can create enclosures to suit this type of application by fitting high absorption/low reflection surfaces to the inside and outside of the enclosures.
With our custom designed door system we can also ensure that what is inside the enclosure stays inside – creating minimal risk to operators. At the same time our system also allows for the unit to operate seamlessly and look outstanding.

We can fit a variety of door elements to your enclosure as well as specific machining to panels and parts to allow for access and any adjustment to internal equipment. With multiple options on how we can mount to frames we can provide you with the simplest and most reliable fixing method to any of your equipment, either for day to day use, or for one off transportation requirements.

designed for your environment

MayTec extrusions form the basis of all our purpose built enclosures, machine bases and screening solutions. Panels can be supplied in standard sizes or where more complex structures are required, we can either build to your specification or offer a complete service where we undertake a site visit to discuss your requirements and produce a solution in the form of a quotation outlining our proposal.

UV/ir and laser Enclosures

We can create a solution to applications that require specialised inspection or curing processes. Mounting of equipment, fixing sensors or cooling and extraction units are all possible with our strong and flexible framing system.
We can provide a number of options when it comes to ensuring that your enclosure will work exactly as you would like it to.

With our diverse range of clients, we have encountered a large cross-section of different needs and are sure to understand what needs to be done to ensure your end product is functional, stable and professional in fit and finish.

We can also provide you with the service of fitting any equipment you may have, simply provide it for us and we’ll ensure it’s fitted perfectly the first time. Let us know what we can do to make sure your enclosure is the best it can be.

about our enclosures and screens

Often used in pharmaceutical, scientific and medical applications, our screens can be made to precise specifications to suit your individual requirements. MayTec can produce small and precise screens or safety enclosures for large scale operations to suit your exacting standards.

These screens can be designed to allow for them to be completely removed from the machine when servicing is required. MayTec’s deep slot profile can be used to fabricate high impact safety barriers, particularly where mesh up to 3.5mm is required for the job. There are also slots that allow for 4mm panels to be inserted. Should the enclosures be required to stand up to the sun, wind, rain, dust and chemicals, profile is the answer.

Where a screen or perimeter wall is required we have a range of panels, posts and panel attachments allowing quick and easy assembly of modular sections. We can supply custom sizes, cutouts, doors or any other parts you may need.

Get in touch with us to order!

Let us know what kind of size, features or any other specifications you need and we'll look after the rest for you.