benches & workstations

Over the last 20 years we have been providing customised benches and workstations to a variety of clients. Providing for a large cross-section of industries we’ve supplied unique and specific solutions on a project by project basis. 

We can ensure that addressing your requirements is a straight forward and simple process. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for we can still help you, just let us know what you have in mind.

Manufacturing & Assembly Benches

Our manufacturing and assembly benches are the perfect choice for your business requirements because of the inbuilt flexibility of our aluminium profile system. MayTec Australia has designed a variety of benches for LEAN line manufacturing layouts and general fabrication and assembly.

We offer practical solutions for many manufacturing operations, including simple press stations, manual assembly stations, testing and inspection benches. Using a continuous improvement approach to benches we regularly update designs and we apply that knowledge to any of our latest designs.
Let us work to your requirements and create a functional and ergonomic solution that works for you and your staff. 

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Picking and Packing Benches

Optimising the packing processes by using our custom solutions means you save time and money on each processing step.
We design around the packaging and products you provide. MayTec Australia is the perfect partner for a great long term solution because we have designed a variety of packing and sorting benches for LEAN line manufacturing layouts.
We’re working with you to create what you require, whether that is detailed or simple packing or distribution benches. Once we understand your business process we aim to assist every operator in ensuring their process and environment is as ergonomic and practical as possible.
Our flexible layouts and designs means we have been able to address ongoing concerns of businesses partners. When it comes to the practical use of benches we have been able to create better and more adaptable designs tailored to suit a diversity of environments.

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Height Adjustable Benches

We create workbenches and workstations address both the need for a durable working platform and to bring the best of ergonomics to the environment. The benches we provide combine modular storage systems and LEAN manufacturing principles to create real working benches  for today. We can create benches with a wide range of adjustability and load ratings. 

Let us know what kind of working range and load you need and we’ll make sure it will look good and work well for the long term. 

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Specialised Benches

These kinds of benches cater to customers who often need to test, check or provide for unique or unusual items. We often find that either the product itself or operators involved require special setup or conditions in which to operate. If you have a specific application that requires a specialised bench setup then get in touch with us. 

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