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Efficient, strong and versatile working solutions

MayTec is a highly flexible aluminium framing and accessories system. With it we create the most functional, flexible, great looking and highly customisable products. Let’s collaborate to produce the perfect end product for your business.

Easy Steps to Getting the Right Product

In just a few easy steps we can make sure that the you end up with a product that’s fit-for-purpose in your working environment.

○ Select your project from one of our examples

Find the right project that suits (as closely as you can) your requirement.​

○ Make the changes that to suit you

Mark up changes, let us know the size, features and any accessories you might need.The more you can let us know at this point the easier it is to get to the right final design.

○ Approve design changes

We’ll do the work of customising that design and submit it back to you for approval with a quote.

○ Place your order and project will be ready soon!

We manufacture your project to suit your environment.

Working with the best materials can make all the difference to any project

Find out how we can work with you to make your project functional, long lasting and suited to your particular application

Latest Projects

Interested in what kind of projects we’ve recently completed? Below are details on some of the items straight from the workshop. 

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Our Clients

We have the best clients to help push our boundaries and produce outstanding products for them. We would love to see your company become part of that process too. Using a local business who’s been around for more than 22 years means we have the product and service to back you up now and into the future.

Having a team of bright and enthusiastic people
changes the quality of every product significantly.

Your project supplied as you need it

The project or parts as you need it, entirely in pieces, partially assembled, or supplied to you complete.

Design & Advice

We’ll work with you from the ground up to make a perfect fit. 

Flatpack or Assembled

Need your project in parts or fully assembled and delivered – no problem.

Cutting & Machining

Anything from a piece to a ton we can cut and machine for your project. 


With a wide range of profiles and accessories it can be difficult to know what the correct parts, extrusions or connectors may be. We can make the process straight forward for you, just get in touch with us and we’ll do the rest.
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Ready to get your project under way?

Let us know what you need and we'll get going on your design.