When it comes to trolleys MayTec can provide you with the tailor made solution you have been looking for. We provide trolleys to research, medical, film, military, scientific, transport, commercial, industrial and warehousing.

Over the last 20 years we’ve created a wide range of trolleys to a diverse list of different requirements for our clients. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our samples, just get in touch with us and we can design what you need.

working with you

With our extremely versatile and modular framing system, we can create trolleys that are suited to your specific requirements. We can design almost any kind of layout or configuration for your application and have produced everything from simple single shelving units to multi-level slide out units.

If you have a project that needs to work well, be OH&S compliant and be long term reliable, get in touch with us.

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flexible designs

MayTec’s trolleys are designed to transport just about anything you can think of or might need. Our lightweight yet strong profile system allows for a design that is flexible and modular in nature to then be applied to whatever application you may dream up. By working with you it allows us to give you that tailored size and finish – perfect for your application.
We can provide trolleys with panels, doors, height adjustable columns or lockable compartments. Mounting of equipment can also be built into the design of your trolleys to allow for special requirement. Whether it’s easy access or special cleaning requirements you need we can design and manufacture something just right for you. All trolleys are customised to meet exacting standards and we also offer a range of ‘clean room’ profiles to meet health care and laboratory standards.

let us know what you need

We can create almost any kind of layout or configuration for your application. We have created everything from simple teaching aids and library systems to complex exhibition units. If you have a project that needs to work well, be light weight and strong, get in touch with us.
We can create a trolley that caters to specific equipment or parts that you may need to move. We can fit drawers, slide out shelving and monitor mounts. If you require electrical, data or specialised equipment mounting, we can supply everything from the simple to complex solution.

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