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COVID-19 Screens

COVID-19 screens

Let us know what kind of screen you’ll need and we’ll work with you to create something that works in your enviroment. 

Social distancing

With social distancing a part of our current day to day, we have designed a range of screens for a wide variety of applications. These screens are designed from our experience in industrial and protective installations. 

Let us know what your application is and we can put together a solution that will both last and protect you and/or your employees and visitors. See some of the designs we can supply – and if there’s something else you need, let us know! 

Important Points

  • Dimensions – standard sizes of 1200x2400mm available, larger if required. Smaller dimensions are typical. 

  • Variable designs– Right angles, split, cut outs and holes all readily available. 

  • Operator control – typically designed with polycarbonate, perspex available on request.

  • High Impact – provides both a physical barrier and a safety screen, great for manufacturing and industrial applications.

  • Easy Assembly – A simple process of putting together any of the designs we have available. 

Pricing from

Flat Pack

Technical drawing

We can provide you with technical drawings of your screen for approval


Would you like to start a project with us?

Simply select the kind of project you're interested in and get back to us with details on what you need to make it great for you and your environment.