specialised benches​

Wether it might be a special needs requirement or that you’re looking to minimise time lost with poor ergonomics and design, we can help you improve your working enviroment. See our range of benches that can be adjusted, adapter or specially designed based on your requirements. 

Cabinet lifting bench

With a requirement to provide a cabinet lifting frame from our clients, we were able to provide a precisely tailored solution. 

Working with our customer we were able to provide a detailed solution on how we could create a perfect footprint for existing cabinets that can be electronically adjusted based on the height of the end user. 

We also provide units with castors to allow for quick and stable repositioning should you require it. 

With a lifting capacity of almost 500kg, we can provide simple touch button designs that allow you maximise productivity, maintain a clean and functioning area as well as saving on fatigue and strain. 

Providing customised solutions for our customers is just part of what we can do, get in touch with us to see how we might help you produce just the right product for your business! 

Important Points

  • Dimensions – 1120mm long, 930mm wide, height range 650 – 1100mm from floor.

  • Special requirement– Retaining brackets for mounting enclosure on top

  • Operator control – with memory positions and digital height display.



Technical drawing

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