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machine and equipment enclosures

Need an enclosure that allows you to do exactly what you need and when it needs to be done? Looking for a strong and flexible setup so you can add and modify over the years to suit your products and operators? Find out more below.

spray nozzle demonstrator

For the display and demonstration of water spray nozzles in a showroom, we were able to design and supply an enclosure with excellent showroom appeal complete with clear acrylic tank.

Doors under the tank and in the vertical cabinet give plenty of storage room and access to the plumbing when nozzles need to be changed.

Heavy duty castors with wind down feet allow unit to be moved and then levelled in place.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 1760mm long, 1040mm wide and 2100mm high.

  • Special requirement:

    • Ø1000×1200mm clear acrylic tank with 10mm wall section.

    • Opening for standard drain waste at bottom of tank.
    • Large square opening at top of tank to access nozzles.
    • Heavy duty castors with wind down foot.

    • Access doors to enclosure under tank for pumps and secondary tank.
    • Access doors to enclosure at rear for plumbing and storage.


Technical drawing

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