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manufacturing & assembly benches

Creating benches for a large range of manufacturing industries means over the last 20 years we’ve been able to create benches for all kinds of tasks. With different products, environments and manufacturing processes come the need for different ways to looking after our customers needs.
Get in touch with us below to find out how we can design and build the bench that’s right for your working space.

why use our benches?

What you see is just a sample of what we make! 

We’ll work to your requirements by manufacturing hard working and easy to use benches that work for your space and product. 

With a wide range of framing materials that can be used for you application. From lightweight and small components to items weighing hundreds of kilograms, we can tailor the bench to suit what works for you. 


Get in touch with us to order!

Let us know what kind of size, features or any other specifications you need and we'll look after the rest for you.