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Height Adjustable Products

Let us know about your application and we can work with you to create a lifting bench or trolley that will be suited exactly as you need to it be. Having worked with a diverse range of businesses and applications means that we can assist with your design and make sure that what you get is what you need. Get in touch with us and we’ll take the complexity out of the process for you. 

Can you provide hand crank lifting?

Unfortunately we don’t provide this service. As an almost exclusively business to business supplier, the reliability and usability of many hand crank systems simply isn’t up to long term durability. Additionally the pricing advantages are often cancelled out by the fact that it can take far longer to customise. We use electric lifters in a variety of configurations.

What kind of load can be lifted?

We’ve created a range of products and configurations to suit our clients. Typically we work from 100-300kg lifting range. If you need additional lifting power, just let us know and we’ll work with you to achieve the result you need.

why choose MayTec Australia?

We have created a wide range of different types of lifting equipment, with an equally varied load capacity over the course of our 20 years in Australia. With that in mind, we’ve never had to repair or rectify any of our lifting benches – so you can trust in the quality and practicality of the product we supply you.

Ready to get your project under way?

Let us know what kind of size, features or any other specifications you need and we'll look after the rest for you.