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service Platform

MayTec specialises in the design and manufacture of professional, strong, service platforms that are easy to modify and constructed from quality aluminium profile. Our expertise in this area is explained in further detail in this case study.

About the customer

Our client is a world leader in their field, regulating over 50% of the world’s power. In Australia they have over 4000 switches in operation and are experiencing growing demand for their products and services.Demand and strong growth potential resulted in a strategic decision to build a quality training facility. A local facility allows our client to replace the 3 week paid training & certification trip overseas with a much shorter certification trip. This allows them to maintain a consistent level of skill sets across employees and save on training and accreditation expenses.

When they received funding approval for a local training centre they looked to their parent company in Germany for direction regarding the resources that would be required as it would need to meet their requirements. “The service and training platform would allow them to work with employees and train them in a comfortable environment before sending them to Germany for certification. Once trained we could be confident that they would gain accreditation quickly in Germany. “

The plaftorm project

“Our decision to use MayTec has been largely influenced by the strong recognition of their Profile in European markets, as communicated to us by our parent company. After viewing the product at a trade event the strength and quality of the profile and connection system was evident.“

Chunky steel structures are a thing of the past. Today service platforms need to be professional, easy to modify and strong, yet built with lighter materials.

It was critically important to meet these requirements if the client was to qualify as a recognised training facility in the future.There was much thought that went into the design and planning stages of the project to ensure the job was done in a time and cost efficient manner.

The designers at MayTec worked closely with the client to ensure delivery of a platform that met their expectations and could be modified to suit their needs both long and short term.

Construction and Installation of the platform

After delivery the client identified certain issues unspecified in the design brief that needed to be addressed. The beauty of the MayTec system is that it can accommodate changes onsite and can be easily modified without welding and machinery.

Cradles were added to the service platform and safety rails were added to the stairs in response to an Occupational Health & Safety issue that was identified. All additional work was actioned in a timely manner enabling the product to be completed on- time.

According to the clients project manager, his experience with MayTec was good. “Like any project that is new, it was not without its issues.. to get the design ready for production. I was happy with the communication and would give MayTec an 8 out of 10.

The speed and turnaround of the job was pleasing. The staff at MayTec have been there to answer any queries as well as make additions and amendments along the way as required.”

The platform has a more professional look than those normally used in Germany. Previously this sort of product was created out of great big chunks of steel that required welding.

Aluminium Profile allows for a much lighter platform that can be easily moved or simply modified without a complete rebuild. The other key advantage of using Aluminium Profile over more traditional materials is that is can be easily disassembled, transported and rebuilt quickly in a new location as required.

The Platform – final product

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