picking and packing benches

A closer look at one of our height adjustable, multi-faceted packing benches

height adjustable packing bench​

We were recently asked to design and test a fully adjustable lifting packing bench for a new client. As they were looking to maximise the efficiency of the process and allow for as many adjustable elements as possible. 
After a consultation period we were able to incorporate all the requests and supplied distribution centres across Australia and NZ. 

Being able to provide a lifting version of the bench to suit the varying heights of operators, have a simple mechanism that allows for push button adjustment as well as ensuring reliability means these benches will be operational for many years to come. 

If you’re looking for a similar solution get in touch with us, we’re happy to work through the process with you and come up with something to enhance your working environment and add to you bottom line. 

Important Points
      •  Adjustable height 700mm to 1200mm
      •  Bubble Wrap Holder
      •  Slide out drawers
      •  Weigh Scale Mount
      •  Adjustable dividers
      • Adjustable pigeon holes
      • Cutting flap to bubble wrap


Technical drawing

Height Adjustable Packing Bench

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