packing benches

A closer look at a detailed multi-divider packing bench. 

multi-divider packing bench

Working in a large distribution centre, our customer asked if we could design a bench for day to day packing requirements that would also allow them to vary their packing materials over time. 

What we were able to provide was a solution that allowed them to slide and/or remove dividers as dictated over time. Slide out drawers, kickboards to prevent items sliding under the bench and a waste disposal location were all integrated with success in both design and construction. 

Whatever the requirements are that you believe need to be at the top of your list, let us know and we’ll look after you. 

Important Points:
  • Dimensions – 1500mm tall, 900mm deep, 600mm wide.

  • Special requirement– House fans, power and specialised shelving

  • Special note – All power and equipment on board.

Special Features:

Waste Slot
Slide out shelving
Kick boards



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