production benches

An in-depth look at an on-site assembled production bench with parts tub storage

long multi-user production bench

As a request from our customer, we needed to provide a solution where we could assemble, check, then disassemble and send to the customer for easy reassembly on site. 

We were able to provide a straight forward solution, assembly instructions and provide the customer with the layout and design that they requested. The benches have a working load of 100kg+ and are able to be reconfigured or have additional parts added as future requirements dictate. 

Being able to create solutions that work for your business is as simple as getting in touch with us, letting us know what you need and we’ll work with you to create something that will work well and stand up to day in and day out usage for the long run. Get in touch with us now! 

Important Points:
  • Dimensions – 5000mm long, 800mm wide, 1700mm tall.

  • Special parts– louvred panels to hold parts bins and tools

  • Requirements – reassemble benches on site without specialist assistance. 

Materials Used:

MayTec Aluminium profile
Steel louvre parts board,
Black melamine shelving



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