equipment trolleys

Take a closer look at a multi-component product testing trolley. 

sealed multi-drawer trolley

The request we received on this project was to create a sealed environment for testing items via heat. Providing everything from the specialised shelving to seals and locks was part of the service we provide. 

Taking a closer look at the shelving, of which all 24 can extend their 800mm length meant our customer was able to load and test their samples with ease. 

If you need an enclosed unit, we can provide you with fixed or trolley versions. Let us know even if your project is a complex one. 

Important Points:
  • Dimensions – 1800mm tall, 720mm deep, 800mm wide.

  • Special requirement– Sealed, locking with specialised shelving to suit product

  • Special note – Sealing profiles with drawer runners and specially machined shelving

Special Features:

Sealing profile
Slide out shelving
Locking clasps



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