Component Testing Trolley

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Take a closer look at a multi-component product testing trolley. 

component testing trolley

With specialised end products, our customer requested a trolley that housed all of their equipment (which can change over time) along with specialised filter fans, power rail and all wiring included. 

The end result allows for only the item being tested and the monitor mounted – infront of the door – to be visible in the process. Specialised fans, power connections and shelving to allow for airflow throughout can all be seen internally. 

Let us know if you have a project that needs in-depth attention and we’ll get to working with you on coming up with a solution that’s tailored to your environment, people and products. 

Important Points:
  • Dimensions – 1500mm tall, 900mm deep, 600mm wide.

  • Special requirement– House filter fans, power and specialised shelving

  • Special note – All power and equipment on board.

Special Features:

Waste Slot
Slide out shelving
Kick boards



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