specialised benches

A highlight look at a specialised bench incorporating pneumatics, electronics and controls

component testing bench

Our customer approached us to explore the possibility of mounting a selection of equipment and controls onto a single bench. We were able to work with them to provide a solution that not only covered the items being mounted but was ergonomic and neat.
Mounting items, having the flexibility to access when and where required as well as having the bench being able to be moved for additional access was all part of the brief.
If you need something simple or reasonably complex we can work with you to make sure it’s not a project that ends up being ordinary. Let us know as much detail as you can and we’ll do our best to incorporate it.

Important Points:
  • Dimensions – 3000mm long, 1200mm wide, 1700mm height

  • Special requirement– mounting of all parts and components, access and movable

  • Special note – electrical items, pneumatic cylinders and fitted

Special Features:

Mounting points
Fitting of control/s
High load rating



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